Red Gates Primary

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  020 8651 6540

Remote Learning

If your child is at home for any extended period these website areas will support you with home learning.

If you have need any further support, your child’s class teacher will be happy to work with you.

At Red Gates School we recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents to generalise and reinforce learning. This is vital to ensure children have every opportunity to reach their potential. Home work can take different forms using school resources:

  • Sharing a library book
  • Sharing a home pack
  • Watching a DVD
  • Completing a work sheet
  • A home work activity appropriate to the child’s level of ability will be set and sent home once a week. Library books and home packs are to be returned to school every Monday. Some pupils may have individual homework set to develop a specific skill.

    Home packs cover a range of skills and topics and are activities that children can complete at home with family members. Activities include bath packs where children are encouraged to play with rubber ducks while engaging in the song 5 little ducks. Signs and symbols for family members to use with these packs are included. Fine motor skills activities such as dressing dolls and threading activities are also included.

    Home targets within children’s Education, Health and Care Plans and Personalised Plans are agreed with parents at annual reviews and Personalised Plans meetings. Resources to support the targets e.g. symbols or photos, will be produced and sent home by the staff class team to facilitate generalisation of learning at home.

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