Red Gates Primary

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Inclusion at Red Gates

Red Gates is very proud of its inclusive practices. Inclusion is a process that maximizes the entitlement of all pupils to a broad, relevant and stimulating curriculum, which is delivered in an environment that will have the greatest impact on their learning.

Internal Inclusion

Pupils across school are given regular opportunities to work and play alongside pupils from different classes, age phases and pathways. This may include playtimes, assemblies, cultural celebrations, lunchtime clubs and Golden time sessions.


External Inclusion

Red Gates and The Quest Primary School physically join at the dining hall, so staff and pupils see each other daily, giving natural opportunities for developing an awareness and understanding about Red Gates pupils.
Throughout the year activities are planned for pupils at Red Gates to participate in activities with pupils from The Quest Primary School, Courtwood Primary School and Forestdale Primary School.

Inclusion practice is based around shared aims:

  • All children to develop communication skills
  • All children to develop citizenship, personal and social skills
  • Mainstream children to develop a basic understanding about Red Gates children
  • To increase levels of interactions between Red Gates and mainstream children

Overall our intention is to create an inclusive culture within the community and provide pupils with effective experiences both in and out of the classroom. Inclusion in education is one aspect of inclusion in society.