Red Gates Primary

  020 8651 6540

  020 8651 6540


Alliance in Partnership manage the food catering at Red Gates School, they provide nutritious, healthy meals for the students to enjoy and provide them with all the energy they need to get through their busy days. They offer a wide selection to suit all tastes and provide your child with a healthy lifestyle.

Alliance in Partnership are an independent catering company providing school meals designed by pupils with help from some experts to many schools across the Midlands, Herefordshire, Bedfordshire, London, Buckinghamshire, Bristol to name just a few.

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If your child has any known dietary or allergy requirements, you will need to fill in and return to us one of our allergy request forms or carbohydrate count forms.

Your child could be eligible for free school meals, don't miss out find out today and complete a free school meals form.