Red Gates Primary

  020 8651 6540

  020 8651 6540


Red Gates School is Croydon’s primary special school which caters for children from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 2 with severe learning difficulties, profound and multiple difficulties and autism. The children may also have accompanying additional needs such as hearing or visual impairments and challenging behaviours. Our children are working from P. level 1 – 8.

As a specialist school we offer a range of Outreach and Inreach to Croydon Schools. We are aware there are increasingly more children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in local mainstream schools with specific needs. The range of the children’s abilities are immense and we would like to share our expertise and provide advice, guidance and support for colleagues so that all children can reach their potential and have access to a rich curriculum.

Here are some examples of the support we are able to offer:

Language and Literacy

  • Ideas and support on developing communication skills for children with delayed speech and language. For example, signing, symbols and photos to support communication.
  • Training on Makaton Sign Language.
  • To support literacy skills by developing resources to meet pupils needs. For example, using sensory stories and stories supported by props and symbols.
  • Activities to develop pre-writing skills.


  • Teaching objectives, supported by a variety of activities cross referenced to P. levels.
  • Resources to specifically meet the needs of pupils working from P. levels 1-8.

Behaviour Management

  • Positive behaviour strategies including the use of AAC (Alternative Augmentative Communication), timetables, Behaviour Management Plans etc.
  • Strategies to support children throughout the day e.g. transition times.

Planning for the individual child and assessment

  • P. level assessment and target setting.
  • Devising meaningful individual education plans, personal to the child.
  • Exploring different approaches, appropriate activities and resources to support contexts for learning.

Colleagues from other schools are also welcome to visit Red Gates to observe specific lessons, talk to staff and look at resources.

Alternatively our staff would be happy to offer outreach in class support at your school. To arrange a visit or to find out more about what we can offer please contact  Admin on:  or  020 8651 6540