Red Gates Primary

  020 8651 6540.

  020 8651 6540

Aims & Values

Together we recognise and embrace individuality and nurture learning within a safe and empowering environment so that all can thrive and feel a sense of achievement, belonging and acceptance.

Red Gates School believes all children have the right to the best education experience that enables their individual potential to be fully recognised and achieved. Our needs–led, child centred inclusive philosophy underpins the working of the school as a community.

Our school puts children first every time and works closely with parents and carers to be ambitious in meeting the needs and aspirations of children and families.

Our school promotes an holistic approach to children’s education taking into account pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.  This will be evident through our delivery of the curriculum and within a climate of honesty and openness with children, staff, parents, Governors and all concerned with the school.

Our school actively draws on parents’ and carers' expertise and knowledge of their own children, to inform the curriculum and the school’s policies and practices.

Our school works in partnership with other local providers to deliver services that meet the needs of children, their families and the local community.

To achieve our aims the whole Red Gates team works together to:

  • Create a positive, supportive ethos believing this generates high expectations and achievement
  • Help children realize their potential by adopting teaching styles and learning incentives differentiated to meet individual needs, engaging them in decision making, facilitating personal autonomy
  • Acknowledge and reinforce effort and achievement, encouraging independence, leading to a sense of fulfilment and a growing appreciation of self-worth
  • Create a stimulating safe, fun and healthy environment in which children enjoy their learning, are happy and feel valued as individuals