Red Gates Primary

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  020 8651 6540

Core Curriculum

Pupils will leave Red Gates as lifelong learners, with the skills, knowledge and interests to access the next stage of their education.

In order to provide pupils at Red Gates with experiences that are relevant, interesting and challenging, while identifying opportunities for progression, we have created a curriculum structure which encompasses 4 pathways.

Red Gates curriculum is responsive to individual pupils, building on strengths, interests and learning styles.​

Each pathway provides an individualized and creative curriculum that inspire pupils to develop skills to be effective communicators with knowledge of how to self regulate in order to maintain a calm and alert state where pupils are supported to reach their potential both academically and holistically.

Our thematic curriculums supports a balance of stimulating contexts to ensure breadth and coverage. We are continually developing our learning environments outside the confines of the classroom, promoting learning through positive outdoor experiences and play.