Red Gates Primary

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  020 8651 6540

Parents as Partners and Family Learning

Our aim is to work together with parents to provide the best education possible for the children. We value parental contributions to planning of Individual Education Plans, so that the work we are doing at school is also relevant to home.

We understand that the needs of the children and those of the parents will change over time and as a school we are there to offer support, or put parents in touch with services which can provide the support required. Building up good partnerships with parents is a priority and we like parents to feel they can always contact us if they have a problem.

We want parents and siblings to be involved in and knowledgeable about the education offered at Red Gates and invite them to participate in various family learning activities organised throughout the year, to enjoy learning and having fun together. We also welcome parents to come into school and help with activities such as swimming and horse riding. Parents, relatives and friends are invited to school events such as the Celebration of Achievement Ceremony, Christmas production, carol concert and sports morning. Our policy, 'A Partnership - Parents and Red Gates School', can be obtained from the school office.

We also run:
  • Starter programmes for new parents
  • Makaton workshops
  • Family learning sessions
  • Parent support groups
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