Red Gates Primary

  020 8651 6540.

  020 8651 6540


Inclusive Education 

Red Gates is an inclusive school and part of the Selsdon Education Partnership (SEP). We have been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark, a national award, in recognition of excellent practice. We are very fortunate to be on the same site as Woodlands Children's Centre and Gilbert Scott Primary School. The buildings of Red Gates and Gilbert Scott join up at the dining hall giving daily opportunities for the children to meet each other. Red Gates pupils have the opportunity to engage in activities alongside their peers at The Quest Primary School throughout the year.

Extended Schools

Play schemes are successfully run by school staff during Spring and Summer holidays.  Children have great fun participating in dance, art and outside activities.

Parent Support Group

Parents run their own parent support group, which is a great opportunity to get together and chat over a cup of coffee. They also invite different people to attend meetings to speak and give advice. Meetings are held every half term.

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Support Services

Our staff work with a number of support services. Music, movement, physio, occupational and speech and language therapists are based at the school and enable children to have full access to the curriculum and further develop their learning.

We have access to a school nursing team, who supports parents and arranges regular medical checkups. Teachers from the hearing and visually impaired services visit the school to assess the children's needs, working with staff to devise, support and monitor programmes.

Red Gates works in partnership with and is supported by other agencies collectively recognised as Red Gates Inter-Agency Group (RIG). The group consists of physio, occupational and speech and language therapists, school nurse, educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, social worker,  a representative from voluntary services and the Headteacher. All agencies work collaboratively with pupils, parents and staff to meet the needs of pupils at Red Gates, supporting children to reach their potential. Please contact the school for further information on specific services.

We have been very fortunate to have the service of SeeAbility, who specialise in supporting people with learning disabilities and autism to have access to eye tests and glasses where required. These tests are carried out on school site, to provide a familiar place for the children for a familiar space when having their eye tests.

Carer's Information Service

In 1997 the Whitgift Foundation established the Carers' Information Service to support the carers of Croydon, of which there are an estimated 30,000. They provide advice, information, advocacy and training, as well as a series of free publications and special events throughout the year.

To register to receive the latest information from them, please click on the link below for a mailing form. This needs to be completed and returned to the address supplied on the form.